If Jesus of Nazareth accepted help to bear His cross, isn't it possible you need help to bear yours?

 Bearing crosses 

  "Bear one another's burdens." { Galatians 6:2 }

"Bear one another's burdens". Well that's what Paul says. These words began to ring in my ears as I came to grips with a perplexity: an area of Christ's story that left me wrestling with the "if" and "why" in Scripture. Here's the quick view before we get to the paradox. 

Following his intense beating, Jesus of Nazareth was forced to trek from Jerusalem to Golgotha (The Place of the Skull). As He is pulled from the torture, Scripture records an event that disrupted my view of Christ.

" and [they] led him away to crucify him.

And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name:

him they compelled to bear his cross" (Matthew 27: 31-32).

Scripture threw a dart of confusion into the ultimate hero story. Do you see it? If we view this as an ultimate skeptic, one could say the hero of His own story had a little help. this raced through my mind and is likely going through yours: If Jesus is all-powerful, then why did He need help to bear a wooden cross to His own death? One would think the Son of the Most High God would be capable of carrying His own cross.  The skeptic could even say this was "His moment" if you will. So why, on the road to His ultimate sacrifice, would the Son of God need help?

As I battled with this sentence, it came to me in an ENLIGHTENING moment that dissolved my own prideful composure.  I find it quite difficult to admit the need for anything, much less help to carry my own burdens. If you are the same, this moment in Scripture is for you. When Christ makes this odd move in His story, He must have had you and I on His mind.

The actions of Christ become clear, in light of Paul's words to believers...

"Bear one another's burdens." The humble Christ allowed someone else to help bear His burden. And in that moment, Christ became the ultimate example for a piercing truth:

if He accepted help to bear His own cross, you and I need help to bear ours. 

On His path to Golgotha, Christ was showing you and I something we would need on our paths. Four realities have settled this moment in Scripture for me,

and I am hoping they will for you: 

Reality #1 :  If His sacrifice at Golgotha was His ultimate strategy at receiving untouchable glory for Himself and a really good name for the history books, wouldn't He have refused the help? In other words, if you were on your way to ultimate self glorification and someone threatened to steal the show, would you let them? 

Proof: Christ was not in this for Himself, but for the glory of God and his love for you.

Reality #2 : If the Adversary (satan)  is the master of pride, and Jesus Himself came to defeat all sin and death brought by the Adversary, it would follow that humility would be the necessary requirement for Jesus. Not accepting one to bare His cross, would have been the Christ, committing the sin of pride at its highest arrogance.

Proof: The Adversary fell because of his own pride. Only perfect humility can defeat that sin. Christ found strength and defeated pride with his humility.

Reality #3 : Paul not only states to... "bear one another's burdens". He also revealed why. 

". . . and so fulfill the law of Christ." The law of Christ is simple as simple can be. L O V E. 

Paul's command, gives way to a reason. If we bear one another's burdens, we will have

fulfilled a portion of Christ's law to love.

Proof: Christ was doing more than being humble. He was allowing Simon to fulfill Christ's law to love others by bearing their burdens. That's a smart Savior. 

Reality #4 : Jesus didn't waste His breath of one moment in His ministry. All the way beyond the cross, He was teaching us to live a life in His likeness. Christ was making prints, for us to follow. Prints that inspired us to allow others to help us bear our burdens and to bear the burdens of others.

Proof: If the Son of God, in all His power, accepted help to bare His cross, 

you and I need help to bare ours.

This is the reason for   The Movement: Bearing Crosses .  

God impressed upon my  heart, an interesting method in doing as Simon of Cyrene did for Jesus the Christ. A systematic method to bear burdens of those we love.

Bearing Crosses is a movement to bear the burdens of others, in the form of a small wooden cross. When someone asks you to pray for an object or if you know of a circumstance that needs to be carried, make a cross for that burden. It can be of paper, wood, anything you feel expresses the method well. Simply, one cross for each burden.


Now here's where the method stops the madness - Limit the number of crosses you bear at one time. Prayer requests from every direction can surmount until the joy of prayer is depleted and we don't feel like bearing anybody's anything. Keep your crosses manageable so each burden is rightfully carried and you stay sane! If you can bear 10, 15, 20, bear those and no more, until you release one of the crosses back to it's respectful owner. Go through your list of prayer requests and pick those which are most "compelling" for you (as Simon was compelled to carry Christ's cross). Next, make a cross for that person and their burden. Again, make it any way you want: my thought is if it's tangible, it's personally powerful. Here's the fun part - let your respective person see their cross made just for them. Let them know what you are up to. This is the portion that overwhelmingly blesses another. When another person sees the evidence and hears the promise that you will be helping them bear their burden (their cross), the burden seems... lighter. You could meet with them, call, text, email. Place your crosses in an area that will help you remember your dedication of efforts.

Then keep your promise. Lift this person in prayer, bear the weight with them, provide what they may need to lighten the load. Once the request is answered or the burden lifted, you can move on to another burden. You may even send them the cross as a reminder of the Christ who is faithful in answering their request. Manage your list and your crosses well. When you have too many - release the cross to another believer or narrow by eliminating those burdens already lifted. 

So, it's just an idea! But honestly, I cannot wait to see how God uses

these little crosses to lighten the load for others, bring others to

know Christ, and help believers manage their load-bearing prayer list!

I'm looking forward and hoping you will join this effort. If you choose to join me in "Bearing Crosses", it would bless and encourage me to know! If you join, please send others my way. I would love for them to discover Blooming by Grace Ministries!

"When He was on the cross,

I was on His mind." 

          ~ Ronald Michael Payne                                     and Ronnie Henson