I think we've over-complicated things. We have replaced faith with religion and spirituality with legalism. God is the God of grace. He is beyond the box--the box He has been unjustly placed in. God promises we are His delight. And because we are His delight, He desires to make us holy.

Can you imagine that?! The Creator of all, relentlessly pursues communion with His creations. And He refuses to give in, until all He delights in, is made holy. Perfect. Flawless.


It's almost too much to believe--that we could be made perfect. But here's the simple reality. God made it possible, through grace. 

Yep. Grace really is what it's all about.

So what does it mean to Bloom by Grace?

To bloom, is to accept God's grace, by planting the seed of faith, which gives us hope in His glory. It is really that simple. God's grace made it possible to receive the righteousness (the perfection) of Christ. Grace reins in our lives when we simply believe and accept His righteousness, in place of our inability to get it right! When we accept his grace by faith, we sprout... and ultimately bloom for God's glory. 

Here's a little more Blooming PHILOSOPHY and biblical theology

    > Prepared soil. This is God's grace. His grace is our soil. It is our free planting ground.

          You don't have to look far to find this amazing gift. He says that we are standing in it (Romans 5:2).

              No matter where you are, you are on graced ground. That's a lot of grace.


    A seed. This is the Word and work of Christ Jesus. The seed is His perfect life, sacrificial death, and              glorious resurrection: all provided in the Word who became flesh (John 1:14).


    > Faith to plant the seed. This is the only element that depends on you.

          Faith requires your belief and acceptance in His gift of righteousness. 


We bloom when we are covered in the righteousness of Christ. His work allowed us to make our way back to the holy Creator. Because the only way to be in the presence of One who is holy, is to be made holy ourselves. The only way to be holy, is adopting the righteousness of Christ: 

                                                                                       ... by grace, through faith (Ephesians 2:8).

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 Are you ready to experience the Four Stages of Blooming ?

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Tillin' Time:          For the Skeptics

Diggin' Deep:       On Grace Ground

SEEDLIN' IN:          The Seed of Life

Sproutin' Up:       By Faith... 

Room for Growth

Are you a bit of a skeptic in matters of faith?  Let's get to the grit and dig into some tough questions.

On Graced Ground

You are standing on graced ground. Discover grace with the power to make all things right.

The Seed of Life

In all the moments we just can't get it right, there is One who already has. Meet the seed of righteousness.

Putting on Grace

Grace is here.

The work of righteousness

is finished.

Faith is all it takes,

to put on grace.

 Whether you stick around or not,   I want you to know   ...  

           You are God's delight!

                                    And by His grace,

                                  through your faith,

                               hope happens.