...but where sin abounded, grace did much more abound  {Romans 5:20}


So how do we bloom in Christ? Just as any plant requires prepared soil in order to grow, we must have prepared soil to bloom. We need good ground to plant our seed to grow righteousness! God has provided graced ground; a place already prepared and gifted to you. Hear this amazing reality about God's grace: 

       "By [Christ] we have access by faith into this grace where we stand..."                                              {Romans 5:2} 

Did you catch that? The ground on which we stand, is where grace is. Simply put, you are so surrounded by grace,

that no matter where you are, you are standing in it. That is a beautiful truth!

                                                                                  Grace is everywhere you are.


                                                            It cannot be outrun or undone. 

                                                                              Wherever you are. 

                                                                               Wherever you go.



                                                                         In spite of everything.

                                                                          Bigger than anything.

                                                                          Grace always Reigns. 

Grace is really just "gifted goodness". It is God's benevolence which made Christ's righteousness available. And this ultimate goodness came through Jesus Christ { John 1:17 }. He is full of grace and truth { John 1:14 }!  God's grace in Christ does everything we can't, because its full strength is to make right, what we cannot. So, ultimate grace is the free gift of  righteousness , delivered by the only One who is righteous. Through His goodness, we receive His perfection in place of our imperfect; His holiness because we aren't. Because of His grace we can be made perfect. This is the gift Christ delivered to you through his work. This is your graced ground! His righteousness became your possibility through grace. He proved Himself as the Righteous One with: 

             His perfect life.

                     Obedient death.

                             And victorious resurrection.

Acceptance of His righteousness, brings salvation, and salvation brings forth new life. When you claim His grace, you become One Made RightThis means, all the past wrongs and all those to come, are powerless.

Grace becomes your righteousness...when it is mingled with faith. 

God has provided the perfect soil to bloom.

All you need, is faith enough to plant the seed. 

What is the seed?

           Go to   >> Seedlin' In <<   to find out!

 Grace   Always Reigns

Grace is power over anything.

Greater than our darkest sin,

our deepest pain.

Those broken places and never cans. 

Making whole,

all that's broken.

Patience in our haste.

Hope within the hopeless.

Victory for each day.

Our glory for regret.

Binding hearts 

to all that matters.

Defense in accusation.

Healing once what was shattered.

Light in the darkness.

Goodness in undeserved spaces.

Sweet grace breaks through

In the worst of places

Triumphant in our failures.

Enduring all things weary.

Grace welcomes

the unwelcome.

Cleanses all that's filthy.

Freeing all those captive.

Rushing into heavy places.

Joy for bones of mourning.

Restoring once but ashes.

Greatest in our weakness.

Power over anything.

A gift but for the taking.

Grace forever Reigning.