GOoD Food 

I             DIRT

{ Good Food. God Food. }

Bringin' in the HarVesT 


  As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,  

 summer and winter, day and night will never cease (Genesis 8:22) 

God made an amazing promise about harvest time! The Maker of earth and its fullness assured us of the blessing of harvest, for as long as earth exists. Every harvest season proves God is faithful and powerful in delivering what He speaks.

Yahweh keeps His promises! 

This section of Blooming by Grace is another area in which we can grow in our Maker, through enjoying His handiwork - His dirt! By the way...

I haven't always felt this way, but I have learned to enjoy God's production in creation. A recent conviction of mine has led me to seek ways to bring in the harvest !  In a way, bringing in what God has provided through His DiRt, is an act of worship. It honors Him when we are stewards of His provision.


We can grow in Him, as we experience His earth and its product. 

Below are some ideas to help you enjoy  Good Food: God Food 

Some pictures have links to instructions, stories, or ideas!

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  AppLe Harvest Time  

This year we did something a little different in the valley we live. In the past, we have allowed the apple trees, planted by my husband's great uncle, to produce fruit... then rot. That saddens me.


This year, God convicted my heart of the wealth of blessing He had granted, in the form of little fruits. Apples.


This year, we worked hard not to let it waste. We were able to be stewards in a couple different way. Below I have listed some ideas we did do and would eventually enjoy doing.


So what ya' waiting for? Bring in the harvest!

Fun AppLe HarVesT TO-DO's:

 #1   FREEZE:

Wash, Peel, Slice them. 

Then place them in freezer bags and toss them in the fridge. Freezing apples is serious simplicity. 

 #2   BAKE SWEET STYLE: Take the core out of the center and place rows of the apples in a casserole pan. Fill the centers with cinnamon, brown sugar, and some butter. Bake them until they are nice and moist. 

(My dad's favorite way to do apples) 

I would have to add some vanilla ice cream and caramel. (That qualifies as Good Food, right?) 


I made apple butter for the first time with the very last apples of last year's harvest. It was the best! I simply found a recipe on Pinterest. Good stuff for sure.


Wash, peel, and slice the apples. Place in a saucepan with a touch of water or apple juice. Heat with a cover on top. Press the apples as they become softer. Add cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar and honey. Eat up!

 #5   DONATE:

Spend a day with family and gather buckets of those delish apples!.. then find a ministry or mission and donate them. That's good stuff. That's God food.

  A Day to Skip School  

< Gleaning Time >

Yep, I'm that kind of mom.

There are just some days worth learning OUTside the classroom setting is surely more imperative than in the classroom.


This particular morning, we made it half way to school... and turned around. I just felt so strongly that the family potato-digging day was important enough to let my kiddo, Keebryn join for the first time. Boy was it worth it. That day was a memorable experience. We dug potatoes with the family, picked apples, and gathered walnuts.


But what topped it off, was when Keebryn received the blessing of hopping on the little tractor and driving! He went along the rows  to glean for leftover potatoes. Just Keebryn, Keith, and I for most the time. It was such a blessing to watch him work and did up potatoes from the ground. Keith and I gathered behind him and gathered a whole bucket full! 

It was a spiritual day! I had never experienced the blessing of dirt quite like that. Gathering in the harvest with my family went from a simple to spiritual. We were in a sense, worshiping the Creator, together. 

Potato-digging day will be a day to remember for our family. Do something with your family that brings honor to the Creator and His creation!

    Berry-Pickin' Time    


* Raw Berries! Eat em' up.

* Berry Jelly 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy berries... even pomegranate berries.

I have a video and how-to for pomegranate jelly coming soon.

* Berry Cobbler

* Frozen Berries

Pick 'em, rinse 'em, then bag 'em.

Yep it's that easy :)

* Berry Smoothies and Shakes

Isn't ice cream always the

tastier option?!

* Make them an Ad-On

- to Yogurt or Cereal for added nutrients.

* Make Homemade Berry Juice

Heat the picked berries in a saucepan while squishing them. Strain them in cheesecloth and a strainer. Add honey or raw sugar for tastiness.

* Give some to a neighbor

Pick 'em and put 'em in a little basket. Let a neighbor enjoy some free summer berries!

* Make a sweet topping

My husband's Great Aunt Kat use to make a great blueberry sauce. She simply placed the berries in a saucepan, added a little water, sugar, and ( I believe) corn starch. Then she boiled them slow until the right consistency. Have a blast with this sweet topping of berries for pancakes, oatmeal, or just about anything.