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  Grace is Able.  

{ I don’t want you to miss this. Don’t let the Adversary be a deterrent from what God intends for you. But if you do nothing else with this post, I’m asking for you to scroll to the bottom and complete the quick exercise. ~ Much love to you. }


I had a moment the other day. One of those moments you read a verse and wonder “Where has this verse been my whole life?!” And then you realize you have read it before and the words have been there all along. But this time, the words were power for my weakness! You know the verse:


{ And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency

in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. }

2 Corinthians 9:8


Simple, right?

Well, I had to have it a bit more simple.

Here’s my breakdown of Paul’s words:


God is able.

To make all grace

                 abound toward you.

That you

                 always having

                 all sufficiency

                 In all things

        may abound to every good work.


Do you see the those points that keep popping up in Paul’s writing?


                 ALL and abound.


We become able, because GOD is able. Have mercy, that’s something to get excited about! Paul added important words between “God is able” and that you “may abound to every good work”. He squeezed a lot of ALL in there. Because sometimes we need ALL the grace we can get.


God made a major connection between His ability and our ability. That connection is grace.

          Not just a lil’ grace.

       Not just much grace.

           ALL grace.


When He gives it, He gives it, doesn’t He? Not just a dose or a dab. God is gracious enough to deliver grace to the fullest. And this grace is the source of power in our good works. All the power we need, is found in the grace God promises. Grace doesn’t always have a soft, sweet job. Sometimes it does what we don’t have the power to do. It is able when we aren’t.

{ Grace is the resting point between the moments we cannot and the moment we can. }


What’s even better is it doesn’t run thin. In other words, when Paul writes “always,” “all sufficiency,” and “in all things” he means :



      To the fullest.

             In everything. GRACE


And that pretty much covers it ALL J

Please know this: God is not stingy with His goodness. In Paul’s weakest moments, he remembered the words of Christ. And he held to the promise that in his human weakness, the strength of Christ rushes in as grace.


What if we did the same? In the moments we are at our weakest: when sorrow overtakes our spirit, when the house just can’t stay clean, the co-workers remain difficult, and the Adversary taunts our esteem. What if then, we remembered the grace God promised?


I found myself remembering the sweet words to an old hymnal. One I used to sing in church as a young girl. You may know the words:


“ I hear the Savior say,

Thy strength indeed is small.

Child of sorrow watch and pray,

Find in me thine all in all.


Lord, give us the surrender to allow you to be our all in all.


Oh that we could put a little grace in it, right?!

To help us apply God’s Word, I have added a tiny exercise.

I’ll be the first to commit to completing it -- Hoping you will also.

It’s super easy -- Just apply your name to each blank. Then hold tight to the promise.


God is able.

Not ____________.


What is God able to do?

Make all grace abound to ____________.


To who? ___________!


For what?

So ____________ will always be able.


By grace, ____________ is able do all good works.

Something for the Levite in all of Us!

Ladies, just a little something for today. In Numbers 1, God sends word to Moses, to number soldiers able for war from each of the tribes (12) of Israel. All, EXCEPT the Levites.

Hmmmmm. Human instinct would assume they must have done something wrong to be the exception of this measure, right? I can envision the Levites waiting on their turn for numbering, and the time never came. They may have shouted with hands high... "We are over here, Lord. Remember us?!" And they must have felt rejected, as if God had forgotten them, because they didn't qualify for the task. Maybe they felt they just didn't matter to their Maker.

I've been there. Have you? In these moments, it is easy to conclude we are not good enough, just like the Levites. But catch this! God reveals a truth in the later part of the chapter, that is a truth for us today. They were not counted among the warriors of the battlefield... for a different reason we assume.

Hear this: " But you will appoint the Levites over the tabernacle of testimony, and over all the vessels of it, and over all things that belong to it: they will bear the tabernacle, and all the vessels of it; and they will minister unto it, and will encamp round about the tabernacle (Numbers 1:50).

Oh boy, were we wrong. God was not rejecting the Levites. He was not assuming they were unprepared or incapable. He was preserving them for a specific cause! One He knew they were equipped for and capable of accomplishing. They were to be warriors of the tabernacle... God's holy place! Oh my how that turns our thoughts toward Him.

Don't we often make the same mistake as the Levites likely made? We assume what we think God is up to. We inaccurately conclude that we are insufficient, based on our skewed view of our own value. In the moments we feel rejected, forgotten, or insufficient, let's remember God is only aligning our gifts with His work. Just when we think we are unusable, He reveals what He's been preparing all along. Praise Him!.. because in the moments we least feel our worth, we matter to our Maker.

Just thought you may need to know this, as much as I do :)

Ponder On: What work/service has God preserved just for you to do?

Remember today, You Matter to Your Maker!

Pray Up: Lord, help us to trust You in times we cannot see You move. Help us remember you are always working behind the scenes and you will reveal your work, just as you did with the Levites.


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