The Foundation and Concept 

~ Beginning to Now ~


God granted to me the name " Blooming by Grace" five years ago and He has graciously continued to add a ministry, a foundation, and a logo.  

David and Solomon shared the secret to the full life;  we are to enjoy our lives because we have an appointed time to bloom. David said we are like flowers of a field, but the wind will pass over them and they will be known no more. I believe we bloom only when we are joined to the One who created us and in Whom is the source of life. Below you will find more on the details of the logo. 



The Blooming by Grace logo is special to me because it is the visual God granted to express this ministry.

The coral flower is an anemone. I chose the anemone because it is also referred to as the wind flower. David expresses in Psalm 103:15 that "The life of mortals is like grass; as a flower of the field, so they flourish." The wind flower reminds us we all have an appointed time to bloom. It also reminds me not to waste my time - BLooM now. The color has always been my favorite and always will be... coral. After reading in Isaiah 61, I am recognizing the flower for more than I originally planned. God expresses that the ultimate gift of grace is righteousness. He enrobes us in righteousness. Grace's full glory IS the glorious bloom of righteousness! Christ's righteousness is my bloom! The flower represents our robe of righteousness, given by perfect grace.

{ Isaiah 61: 10-11}


The green sprout symbolizes our faith. The only way to grow into full bloom is to begin by faith.  This is the place we choose to become the branch of God's planting, the work of His hands. {Isaiah 60: 21}

The purple crown symbolizes the ultimate consummation of our glory after our bloom fades on earth. Our full hope is to experience the glory of our Maker - Who made it possible to abide with Him, through the work of His Son. We will be as God promises... a crown in His hand for His glory (Isaiah Isaiah 62:3)! We will experience full glory after our earthly life.  Here is where we are given a new name { Hephzi-bah }... My delight is in her.