Here is where the fun is! Creative moments are where I come alive

Like my Creator, I am a creator. 

So take a gander and enjoy the little creations and re-creations found here. 

How-To's, Re-Do's, and Innovative Restorations!

Isn't it awe-mazing to find something old, of no use to anyone.... except you?!

I love to bring renewal to old things. My husband knows on trash day, it's best I not venture into certain neighborhoods! I can find anything. Honestly, I believe God places certain items in my way because He still sees life in them. Remember, God makes all things beautiful in His own time! I believe everything has the right to be made beautiful! 

I also have a favorite past-time shopping activity with my son, Keebryn. We go to the local flea market and boy do we find some treasures. Well... they are often treasures in the making! My latest remodel project includes the dressers found above, to the right. I'll give some background on this project.

These were two dressers at our local Goodwill for $30 and were an ugly orange color. After some major thinkin' and work, they were transformed from nothing to something.

I think our Heavenly Father is also in that business, right? :)

Other creative moments are below: I enjoy making creative gifting items (like the fingernail polish bouquet and the reindeer chocolates. Other nifty crafts we work with are craft DIYs, cakes, fun gift ideas, and costumes. So check 'em out! You might find some inspiration!


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  I Want to Do a Free Cake!      (locally :)   


There is just nothing like have a special cake, made just for a special someone. It really is an amazing way to show someone they matter to their Maker!


Do you know someone who has never had a cake or who has overcome amazing obstacles... And you want to celebrate?! 

I may be able to provide a no-cost cake to make someone's special day... AWESOME! 

Email me with your story and I'll be in touch with whether or not your cake is a possibility! 

   Blackberry-Dyed Handbag   


Ever wondered what color blackberries will dye fabric?

I found out this past summer. 

This handbag was once boring ivory color. But with some blackberry juice, it is now an amazing natural purple color!


** So go out and pick ya some BLACKBERRIES. Then boil them up and strained them with cheese cloth. You will have a bowl full of good juice! 

Now plug up the sink and soak your plain ol' bag in beautiful purple juice. Add a touch of water to the sink also. Then dip, rub, soak the bag in the sink.Try to be as even as possible with your application and watch where ya pour it. It will surely stain fabrics.

When it is colored to your liking, you can rinse it easily with light water. Then lay it flat on a towel to dry. The towel will soak up some of the extra juice. 

Enjoy the natural, creative look of God's berries on an hum-drum bag! 

    From Frump to Fab    

This mirror went from frump to fab with a couple little changes. 

First, I removed the little ring hanging in front. Then I removed the mirrors and sprayed them with cheap, white spray paint. After they dried, I placed the individual letters of this verse on the mirror and sprayed over the entire letters and mirrors with cheap, black spray paint. (I like cheap if ya can't tell).


The & sign was actually a tin plate, which I sprayed white and super glued to the mirror. Then I found a flower and burlap underpinning and hot glued them to the center. I also had to remove some tin decor from the center, but that was easily pulled with a screwdriver. 

VOILA!  Now my mother has a favorite saying (modified verse) for her wall. I wanted to do something more than just buy her this saying and I wanted to personalize it to match her and her red room! 

It was surely a joy to give it to her!