Why Christ alone?

There has to be another

way to the Creator >>>

Christ alone, right?

If sin entered the world through the error of one, why would God create a redemption plan with many methods? 

By one, sin entered.

By One, sin had to be destroyed.

The disobedience of the first person who knew to do good and did not, led to the spiral of sin in the entire world. We all became corrupt because human kind became corrupt, when perfection was wrecked by imperfection. 

So if we are all sinners because of the disobedience of one, we must have the obedience of One to be redeemed. We need the perfection of a faultless One, Who was so obedient, He bore a brutal cross. 

Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life... no one comes to the Father, but by me. { John 14:6 }

 This One is Christ, Jesus alone.

Why brutal assassination and an obedient man? God is too loving and powerful to choose this way >>>

"It's so brutal"! Yes, Christ's sacrifice really was brutal. Many people are repelled, instead of compelled, to Jesus because of his brutal sacrifice. People often wonder why Jesus had to go through such brutality to rectify the sin of the world. Why would a loving God choose and allow his Son to be treated in such a way as this?

Imagine for a moment, the darkest sin you can fathom. I know that is difficult. BUt we won't stay in that thought for long. The sin you thought about makes you angry, right? Because it's just wrong. It usually hurts someone in the process. Now imagine what your human nature would do to repay for that sin. Pretty brutal right?


Sin is just ugly. If all sin was placed on Christ, then it would follow that an ugly death would be evidence of a sacrifice that brutalized and mortified sin itself.

Catch this little extra about

His sacrifice: 

Jesus not only died for those who would love Him for it, He died for those who would hate him for it. He did not only choose death for those who would love Him, but for those who would wound, break, hate, and mar those He loves. That's a bigger God than I could ever be.

Why is faith required?

Didn't Christ's sacrifice dismiss

ALL sin for everyone >>>

The sins of the WORLD. isn't that what Scripture says? All means for everyone, everywhere, forever. ​

You bet! Christ made the gift of eternal life available, by baring and destroying all sin for everyone, everywhere. But this gift must be claimed. 

Imagine a gift, wrapped in beautiful birthday paper, with a big blue bow. It is someone's birthday and nothing changes that reality. Someone purchased and wrapped this gift (made it available), nothing changes that reality. But that beautiful package can remain unwrapped and unused forever, unless the recipient chooses to open it. 

The same holds for salvation in Christ. It's available. It is complete. But this gift has to be claimed and applied by each soul it was intended for.

Below are more references that may help you answer this question:

 John 1:29

1 John 4:14-15

John 6:33 

John 17:21