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A Better Story.

I haven’t always believed it, but lately I’m learning a simple reality.

God always wants to write a better story.


Here's what I mean. I understand moments when life doesn’t roll with me, but against me. The moments where waiting takes longer than I have patience to endure and wonder goes deeper than my will is willing to go. The past couple of months I've experienced moments and miracles which only happened because God had His way more than I had mine.

This reality began to press into my heart after my son and I helped a homeless man one day. I’ll write that story another time. But God has brought me back to His revelation lately, in uncertain moments. One was when I questioned Him in grievance over not receiving a desire—I asked,

“Lord, why couldn’t You have just given me that?”

Then I heard Him whisper,

“Because I wanted to write a better story.”

And in this case, His words were more literal than figurative, but He spoke loudly enough to pierce my arrogance and pacify my whining. (No judging… I know you whine too).

So why is it so difficult to believe in God’s better story?

Because He’s usually writing His best, when life is at its worst.

When things hurt.

When all seems most uncertain.

When nothing seems to go right.

It’s also in those moments we want it differently. We desire our stories, our days, our moments to be just that—our own. We desire the comfort of a smooth ride. And of all things, we surely desire our moments to cooperate with personal time lines and expectations.

The reality is, simple moments don't always give God a place to work—a place to write. When we have things our way, there is little need for Divine intervention. It’s in the unexpected places He tells a better story. It’s in those pickles (if you will) when we need Divinity and when God begins to reveal His hand, using His majestic skills to rewrite beyond our expectations. There, He reveals Himself and does the unthinkable. God takes us on a journey which is anything but simple. A journey to take us and everyone who hears, on a venture with turns, thrills, and miraculous details on every side.

A nail-biter. A hand-ringer. A story of stories!

One which slides chills up the spine of all who hear. And trust me, it will.

In the end, if we let Him take our expected, simplistic stories, He will write an unexpected, over the top thriller that reveals Himself. Then, we will sit in speechless silence as we realize only God Himself could have written such.

As He writes in our uncertain places, may we have the patience and will to--

Wait for Him. Trust in Him. Rest on Him.

Because if we allow God to do His work, in His timing, with His hand—He will. And His will be a better story than we could ever experience in our comfortable places. God will write His best in our lives, when we simply have trust in the promise that He can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Imagine that! Now don’t you want Him to write your story?

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