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~ FuN FaLL Festivities ~

So it's fall time, eh? And we all know the best way to celebrate fall, is with food and costumes! I have three fun ideas for fall I'm going to share in this one blog post.

1 { Caramel Apple Muddy Mix }

2 { Monster Meringues }

3 { Cotton Candy Costume }

So pick your favorite and scrolly-roll to it :)


{Caramel Apple Muddy Mix }


This is a perfect pick for snacking on Halloween day, at any festival event, or on Thanksgiving Day! Munch your way between turkey and dressing!

This is fairly simple to put together. The only part that requires a little work are the muddy buddies, which go into the entire mix.  They are a treat in themselves... caramel Apple Muddy Buddies!  So we have to make the muddy buddies first in order to dump them into the mix later.

Here's what you will need for those Caramel Apple Muddy Buddies

What Ya Need: * 8 cups square rice cereal * 2 packages of powdered caramel Apple spiced cider drink powder * 6 blocks of vanilla flavored bark * 2/3 cup powdered sugar

What Ya Do:

* Melt vanilla bark * Coat the rice cereal in melted vanilla bark * Mix in a large freezer bag or bowl, the powdered sugar and cider mix * Now toss the vanilla-covered cereal mix in the bag or bowl of powdered sugar/cider mix * Make sure all pieces are covered well in the chocolate and the sugar mixture * Spread on wax paper until dry

These are great fall treat in themselves, but if you want more of a party mix, then throw in the rest.

Mix and Shake with the Muddy Buddies:

* Pretzels (1/2 bag) *1 box caramel covered popcorn * Popcorn plain * 2 bags dried apple chips * 2 selections of Caramel chocolate candy:  rolo, milky way, milk duds... * Fall colored chocolate balls/ candy


{ Cotton Candy Costume }


This is a super fun way to dress for Halloween or harvest parties! It has been a while since I made this costume... you can tell I look way younger! :/ ! So this will require you to use some of your own creative skills to fill in the blanks and not-sures of this one.

What Ya Need:

- Cardboard 1-2 pieces

- Tulle - two colors (pink, blue, or purple)

- Stapler

- Glue gun

- White shirt

What Ya Do:

- Curl your poster board into a cone shape and staple, glue, or duct tape.

- Make sure to leave enough of an opening to walk well. It may be necessary to make a small slit in the sides or back for more room to walk.

- Glue your large white t-shirt to the outside rim of the coned poster board.

- Begin the cotton candy portion by wrapping the tulle around the bottom and hot gluing it as you go. Wrap one color up and around the shirt, leaving space for the other color.

- Make sure to wrap loosely in areas you need more room and so that you can move your arms. Go under the arms and over the shoulders, gluing in place.

- Finish with your second color, wrapping from the bottom to the top.


{ Monster Meringues }


These are super fun for kiddos! Just use any meringue recipe you have and incorporate the creativity to make these monster meringues. The idea started with roots from my niece who wanted monster cupcakes for her b-day. We piped crazy monsters with buttercream, but for my son's festival party at school, I wanted to do meringues!

What Ya Need:

Meringue recipe of any kind.   You can find a recipe for meringues just about anywhere.   I found some on the internet, my old cookbooks and the back of powdered egg whites.  You can make meringues using your own egg whites or from powdered egg whites found in the baking section of grocers. The final recipe I used was from the can of powdered egg whites and is below.

To Create the Meringues: Recipe found on the can of Deb El Just Whites

* 3 Tbsp Powdered egg whites * 1/2 Cup Warm Water * 1/2 Cup powdered sugar * 1 tsp. Vanilla flavoring * 1/4 tsp cream of tarter

Mixing the Meringues: 1) Mix water and powdered egg whites until clumps are gone, using a fork. 2) Allow to sit until dissolved. 3) Pour into mixer and beat at medium speed until  peaks begin forming. 4) Add vanilla and cream of tarter.  Mix 4) Add sugar in 4 portions and mix on high between each addition. 5) Whip until very stiff peaks form. About 5-7 minutes.

Now let's begin the MoNsTeRs!!

What Ya Need: * Neon Food Colors     (Lime green, orange, purple, black) * Piping Bags or storage bags (5) * Parchment paper * Three piping tips... Star tip, large round tip and grass tip.

What Ya Do: 1) Prepare your piping bag with round tip and grab your coloring. 2) Prep a cookie sheet with parchment paper. 3) Preheat oven 220 degrees. 4) Take 1/3 of meringue and color in a bowl. Add to piping bag. 5) Pipe a blob appx. 3/4 inch circumference. 6) Repeat for 15-20 cookies. 7) Now pipe spikes with round tip on top and sides. 8) Repeat by coloring two remaining portions and piping blobs. 9) Each color will require round large tip for the base, but use the star and grass tips to create monster spikes. 9) Squeeze and pull up!! It's that easy. 10) When all have been piped, slide into oven for 2 hours.

Meantime, work on the eyeballs because they require some drying/ hardening time. Eyes made with royal icing. Use your own recipe or the one I've used forever in my old cake decorating days :)  Found this recipe on net somewhere and made minor adjustment by omitting flavoring and halfing the portion. It works well.

To Create the Eyeballs:

What Ya Need: * 1 Tbsp. powdered egg whites * 1/2 box powdered sugar * 2.5 - 3 Tbsp warm water * two piping bags and small round tip

(Royal Icing Recipe online) 1) Mix powdered egg whites and powdered sugar. Add water by tablespoons. 2) Mix on medium speed wile scraping sides apx. 4 minutes.  They are ready when the mixture is very white and thick like liquid glue. 3) Spoon 2/3 white royal icing in bag with small round tip. 4) Pipe different sized white dots on to wax or parchment paper. 5) Allow to dry apx. 30 minutes 6) Save the white icing in bag to make a glue. 7) Color remaining royal icing, black. 8) Place in piping bag and use smaller round tip to pipe centers to the white circles. 9) These should dry within 2-3 hours.


When meringues are hardened and cooking time is complete, pull them from the oven and let them cool. The eyeballs should be hardened by this time.Using royal icing, pipe small dot on meringues and place an eyeball, or two... or three!!

Now go make some kiddo's day!!!!

I hope you enjoy these FuN FaLL Ideas and have a happy harvest season!

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