Putting on  Grace       

"I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul will be joyful in my God;

for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation,

he has covered me with the robe of righteousness..."

                                                                                           Isaiah 61:10

                     by  Grace

                                             through    Faith.

                                                               {  Ephesians 2:6  }        

                     You are on graced ground.

         Christ has finished the work of righteousness.


                    There is only one factor between you and blooming.  


You have the graced ground.   { You are standing in it } 

You have the seed of Christ.     { Nothing can undo the work He has already completed } 

Now it's time to check your faith. To receive righteousness, we have to believe on the seed

the work of the Righteous One. Scripture states we receive righteousness by grace, through faith {Ephesians 2:8 }. It would follow that faith is the only variable which remains in question. It is also the only variable subject to you.  It is the only portion of salvation which depends on you: your free will. The power of grace reigns only when it is put on. So, in order for grace to do its full work of righteousness, acceptance of the grace is required.

Faith is your belief in Christ, in order to plant the seed. It is choosing to plant the seed prepared for you, in the soil made available to you. Faith is what makes grace possible! By grace through faith you become One Made Right. It really is that simple.

Can I assure you of something that is certain?  Grace is always ready.

                                                                                     It simply waits for you.


But grace is only grace, until it's mingled with faith. When we believe by faith, we put on the grace of Christ. We become righteous in Him. 

                            And this is where grace reigns.  

 Are you ready to Put on Grace?

Salvation comes by recognizing Christ and His work, and admitting our need for His righteousness. It is accepting His holiness because we cannot, in ourselves, be holy. 

Do you believe in the work of Christ and your need for His righteousness? God's Word says that all who call upon the name of Christ Jesus, are made righteous. It is a decision made within the             and confessed with our words. 

If you would like to make the decision to BLooM in Christ... simply bring your faith

Salvation is a heart decision, but if you would like more guidance, below is a simple guide to help you verbalize your decision for Christ.

I Know -  Christ, You are who You say You are. 

                                      God's Son.

                                        Born perfect.

                                          Lived perfect.

                                            Died Willingly.

                                               Victoriously defeated death and hell.

                                                 Gloriously restored to perfection.   For me.

I Believe - God is a mystery, but I trust You as my only way to God. I trust you as my peace, hope, joy, forgiveness, and eternal life.  I believe God loves me and sent You to bring me to Him. I believe upon in your name and upon your work to give me life abundantly and eternally.

I Accept- In my heart, I recognize You are enough for me. You work is perfect and I accept Your perfection to cover my imperfection. 

I Surrender- I have decided to exchange my life for Yours. In full surrender, I am Yours.

If you believe this and have made a heart decision to follow Christ...

                                                                                                             You are One  Made  Right.

Tell someone about the grace of God and your faith

which has given you, God's righteousness!

                                                  May You Grow inMuch Grace!   

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