" Someone has well pointed out that God is one of three things to us. At first He is merely a void. Our belief in God is vague and unreal. But sometimes we are thrown into circumstances which our resources are insufficient to meet. We become forced to face God and often He then becomes our enemy. He makes demands which we find painful to meet. He demands new discipline and changes in our ways. We resent His interferences.

But as we respond to God He becomes our friend."  ( Charles L. Allen )

"Void--enemy--friend. God is one of those three to us." 


{ Charles L. Allen's, "The Touch of the Master's Hand: Christ's Miracles for Today }

Scientific logic would conclude that a seed must be planted in the

ground before it can produce a flower. Before the seed, there must be prepared soil. 


No ground. No growth.

The same is true for growth with our Maker. The Word of God has to take root in our souls, before it can produce any bLooM. Knowing Christ, Jesus produces beautiful blooms of new life. But to know Him, we need soil that is prepared for faith. First, we must dig into the soil, to make room for the seed. Some of us have more digging than others, because we have different lives and circumstances that have shaped us toward or against the acceptance of God and His character. 

You are likely here, because you are a skeptic. Like all of humanity, you have some

questions yet to be answered. So let's get to the heart of the matter.

  What is preventing you from faith in God?

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  Room for GROWTH 


I had to ask myself the same question. In a condition of hopelessness, I had to give God a chance to prove Himself. If God wasn't God, I had no hope, because I could not rescue myself from where I was found.

 I understand and trust Him more every day, because I have given Him the

room to prove.


Here is what I mean. I could recite Scripture and fill you with words , but you may not understand them yet. I could attempt to give you scientific evidence for the existence of God. But that isn't where belief rests. If our belief in God were proven by science, it wouldn't be belief.  We must come by faith to receive Christ, Jesus. 

But if  we ask by faith, for God to reveal Himself through His creation, through answered prayers no one else could answer, and/or through divine alignments...

He honors our requests because we please Him with any amount of faith. 

And if  all the faith we can muster, is simply to ask for proof... God still honors it. 

So if you are a skeptic, it is really as simple as asking, by a tiny ounce of faith... for God to reveal Himself to you!  Whether you know God personally or not, He StiLL knows you. He knows what makes you tick and where to get your attention. He knows how to reveal Himself personally and individually.

He honors faith.

Even if it's only the size of a mustard seed.

So give Him the room to prove.

You can find an amazing story of

God's ability to prove Himself in : 

1 Kings 18


Could somebody please BLAME BUDDHA for something?

 When not-so-good things happen to humans, God is the first to get the angry fist from the unhappy campers.

Ever wonder why

nobody ever blames Buddha?


In blaming God, humans ultimately testify to His power and prove our innate instinct to believe in His existence. In our rocky moments, we fully know Who is ultimately in full control. ..and it's not Buddha.

Let's make this simple: 

Adversity entered the world when sin entered. The Adversary (satan), is not a fictional character. He tempted humans to sin, and is now the culprit for ALL sin. 

He is the face of all fear.

He is the master behind all negative that occurs in the world.

But, he only has power UNDER the ultimate authority of God. 

God is much different than the Adversary. 

God is Love - which casts out fear!

God is the author of all good.

 He is the face of all perfection.

Everything God does and allows is a product of His love.


Even the hard stuff. 

He even uses adversity for our good

{ Genesis 50:20 }

More proofin' for the puddin' can be

found in the Scriptures below: 

James 1: 17

Hebrews 6:5

Luke 12:32

Romans 8:28

Jeremiah 29:11 .


Me too.

My husband was known by a cute nick name in preschool. His name was

"Me Too".

I am beginning to feel like him in the world of skeptics. Obstacles of faith apply to anyone, even believers. It seems we struggle with the same questions as skeptics, but this category is where believers and non-believers struggle

most alike.


This is also the place where grace makes its entrance. Through grace, God makes the impossible, possible.


He loved you from the beginning.

Through grace, He made a way to Himself. He delivered forever forgiveness and

He secures us as worthy


He does this through the work of the only One who is able. Jesus.

Jesus, who is full of grace and truth, made possible, all you would ever need.

Through God's love,

grace became available.

Through your faith,

grace can cover you. 

You are Loveable and God delights in you {Isaiah 62:4}. That's why He sent grace through Jesus. 

All because of grace

you are worthy. 




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The true measure of a belief system

is not how well it fits within our lives,

but how much it transforms our lives.

"Our hearts are restless, until they find rest in You." 
                     ~ St. Augustine